21-22 Jan 2021


Porto Accounting and Business School - Porto Polytechnic (ISCAP), Portugal

Degree in Documentation and Information Sciences and Technologies / Master I Business Information

Porto Accounting and Business School belongs to Portugal's largest and most prestigious public Polytechnic Institute, and offers its 4,000-strong student population a range of innovative undergraduate and graduate programs. The Degree in Documentation and Information Sciences and Technologies (LCTDI) trains qualified professionals for the areas of Information Management, Library Science, Archive and Documentation. It provides the development of specialized technical skills in systemic information management in any type of support, in the most diverse sectors of activity, including the creation, research, evaluation and selection of quality information and its organization, making it accessible and usable to employees and customers of organizations. It prepares specialized technicians capable of accompanying and using the technological innovations appropriate to the management of information resources of any type of organization. LCTDI annually, organize the CTDI Meetings which promote, an important international forum for the discussion and sharing of information science subjects.

The Master in Business Information presents an opportunity for in-depth study to prepare professionals with solid knowledge and skills for information management in organizations, linking two key areas: Information Science and Information Systems and Technologies. In a context of rapid development of the information and knowledge society, it is expected that the graduates of this program can help organizations to meet their information needs by demonstrating skills to: - Assess problems, design solutions and propose/adopt approaches related to Information Management. - Facilitate and make efficient and effective the creation and use of the information resources and the information flows required by organizational activities. - Manage organizational intervention projects aimed at the adoption and use of information technologies and systems.


The University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT), Sofia, Bulgaria

Is one of the leading universities in Bulgaria with modern and dynamic development (http://www.unibit.bg). Its predecessor, the State Library Institute was founded in 1950. ULSIT is accredited by the National Accreditation and Evaluation Agency to deliver education in Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees. It has professional preparation and educational competence and capacity in the field of: Library and Information Sciences, Cultural and Historical Heritage, Social Communications, Informatics and Computer Sciences and National Security. The main university units are: Faculty of Library Studies and Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Information Sciences, and Department of Comprehensive Studies. Since 2012 UNESCO Chair plays the role of a center of excellence and innovation zone in the specified areas of ICT in Library Studies, Education and Cultural Heritage (http://unesco.unibit.bg/). ULSIT was co-organizer of BOBCATSSS 2020 in Paris, France.


The University of León, Léon, Spain

The University of León is pioneer among the official titles of the Diploma in Library Science and Documentation in Spain in offering Blended Learning since the 2006/2007 academic year. Degree in Library and Information Sciences has a curriculum of 240 ECTS. The length of course is four years.

- Possibilities: Blended Learning and Online

The online mode uses the University of Leon’s Moodle/AVIP platform, which allows timetable freedom without making attendance mandatory. Students will only have to take an on site test per subject to be scheduled at the end of each semester. These on site tests can be taken in different locations authorized by the ULE throughout the whole country.

-Employment opportunities:

There is a labour market demand for professionals such as: archivists, librarians, documentalists, bibliographic and documentary heritage managers, digital content managers, experts in corporate information management, consultants and trainers in the use of information.

The area of library and information science organizes the meeting of academics, students and media professionals. The last meeting took place in 2018 on 'Digital and informational competences in the library'.


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